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Whether you want to get fit, save some money or improve our environment, now is a great time to start cycling. Cycle training will give you the confidence to make more of your journeys by bike, whether for work or leisure.



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Training for people returning to cycling

Did you used to cycle but got out of the habit when you started to drive? Would you like to cycle again but lack the confidence to get started?

If you have not cycled for some time, getting back in the saddle may seem daunting. Roads might be a lot busier than they were and you may feel vulnerable after being used to being inside a car. Even modern bikes may appear unfamiliar, with their many gears, suspension and other new features.

However cycling is recognised as one of the best all round exercises and is particularly suited for older people who want to gently re-introduce some exercise into their everyday lives. It really is never too old to start pedalling again!

At Purrfect Pedalling we aim to get you cycling again with no fuss. There is no need to buy an expensive bike or wear special clothes to get started, but refreshing and applying some simple skills will help you cycle confidently and safely on or off the road.

We understand that older clients may have health issues that need to be taken into account, and our one-to-one training will enable you to learn at your own pace and be focussed on your particular needs. We can even help you choose a bike which will best suit your requirements and cycle with you the route of a particular journey you regularly wish to make.

Please contact us for more information or to book a lesson.




For more information about our cycle training, email purrfectpedalling@gmail.com

or call 07896 885726

Need help with bike maintenance?

Purrfect Pedalling's Happy Bike service can either teach you basic maintenance skills at your home or undertake basic repairs and adjustments for you. Email happybike or call 07896 885726.