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Whether you want to get fit, save some money or improve our environment, now is a great time to start cycling. Cycle training will give you the confidence to make more of your journeys by bike, whether for work or leisure.



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Cycle training for beginners

Most people learn to ride a bike as a child but if you didn't don't worry.... it really is never too late to start. Learning the basic skill of riding is not very difficult and when you have done this, it is something you will never forget!

Like learning to walk nobody can "teach" you to balance a bicycle but at Purrfect Pedalling we aim to considerably speed up the natural learning process. Although it will vary for each individual, most people should be up and riding after one or two lessons. After that you need to learn to control the bike - start and stop safely, turn, use the gears and deal with hills and obstacles. We find most beginners choose to have four or five lessons but you can of course stop the lessons when you want.

If you are planning to have on-road lessons we will also teach you to ride with one hand and to look behind - essential skills you will need to learn before being trained to cycle on the road.

Our sympathetic one-to-one tuition means that you learn at your own pace without any embarrassment. Our one concern will be to get you cycling as soon as possible.

Typical Lesson Programme

A typical programme of lessons includes: beginning to balance and pedal; starting off and stopping; easy and harder turns; dealing with hills (including gears if appropriate); more advanced bike control; off-road cycling in a more typical non-circuit environment.  Progression through the programme varies considerably but most people will be cycling by lesson 2 with further lessons dealing with improving control and confidence as outlined above.

Beginner Lessons for Children

We can also help children of all ages to cycle for the first time using the same approach - it is considerably quicker and less frustrating than spending many months using stabiliser wheels! We have a range of different bike sizes and considerable experience of helping children to get cycling. We will help your child learn in a way that is sensitive to their personality and needs. The lesson programme for children is essentially as described above but will be varied depending on the age of the child.

Based on long experience we have set a MINIMUM AGE for lessons of 6/7 (that is, children who are in Year 2 at school). Younger children can obviously learn to ride but their attention span is normally too short to benefit from this type of formal lesson. Also, for this reason, lessons for Year 2 children are normally limited to 30 minutes (which may be as part of a lesson with siblings) - see Lessons & Prices). If time allows you may find postponing the lessons until near the end of Year 2 is helpful for younger children as they will be a little bit older and the weather usually better.

Please contact us for more information or to book a lesson.




For more information about our cycle training, email purrfectpedalling@gmail.com or call 07896 885726