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Whether you want to get fit, save some money or improve our environment, now is a great time to start cycling. Cycle training will give you the confidence to make more of your journeys by bike, whether for work or leisure.



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About Purrfect Pedalling

Purrfect Pedalling has been set up by National Standard cycle instructor Stephen Holt because he passionately believes that cycle training is an important way to help more people to enjoy a very healthy and sustainable way to travel.

In the past cycle training has been mainly associated with the old Cycling Proficiency Test aimed at primary school children. However, now there is a range of cycle training available which can benefit everyone who wishes to cycle more.... whether they are 8 or 80!

We find the biggest single barrier to people cycling more is a lack of confidence. Many people say they will only cycle if special off-road facilities are provided. Yet people cycle everyday on our roads, encountering no more problems than the average car driver. We see cycle training as a way of removing barriers to cycling and our aim is to provide the specific training you need to get you cycling more.

If you have never learnt to cycle at all Purrfect Pedalling can help you get going very quickly and without any fuss, even if you have been putting it off for years. Why wait any longer - please contact us now!

Purrfect Pedalling also teaches children of all ages to ride for the first time.

All our training is based on the new National Standard for Cycle Training and is focused at the Tudor Grange Cycle Circuit near Solihull town centre.

Please explore our site and see what cycle training may offer you.

Please contact us for more information or to book a lesson.




For more information about our cycle training, email purrfectpedalling@gmail.com or call 07896 885726