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Whether you want to get fit, save some money or improve our environment, now is a great time to start cycling. Cycle training will give you the confidence to make more of your journeys by bike, whether for work or leisure.



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Our Lessons & Prices

Purrfect Pedalling lessons are always one-to-one. Beginner lessons are much more effective one-to-one and on-road lessons need to be one-to-one for safety reasons.

All our training is tailored to your individual needs but is based on the new National Standard for Cycle Training which caters for everyone from complete beginners to advanced training for dealing with busy roads and difficult conditions.

There is no pass or fail in cycle training but we will inform you of the level within the National Standard that you have reached and what the aims of further training would be.

Beginner training is done at a suitable off-road location. The location we now use is the cycle circuit in Tudor Grange Park Solihull which is ideal, being wide with a few hills and with few people walking around (a problem in many parks).

Due to the demand for lessons here, the additional cost and time involved, we are now unable to offer training at other locations.

However if you are a non-driver and unable to get to Tudor Grange and want to learn to cycle to get around it may be possible to arrange lessons more locally – please enquire.

Initial on-road training is done on quiet roads with advanced training being done on busy roads. Training may be done near your home subject to suitable roads being available for the level of training required.

Training can take place on your own bike which must be roadworthy. However we can provide a suitable bike for free.

How to get to Tudor Grange Park Cycle Circuit in Solihull.

We meet in the small FREE park car park off Monkspath Hall Road, near the town centre and Touchwood shopping centre. A near by postcode (which is just to the south) is B91 3DE. From Solihull town centre go right at the first roundabout on Monkspath Hall Road into the car park. Please note this is NOT the car park at the leisure centre which is at the opposite side of the park. Unfortunately there are no toilets nearby.

The cycle circuit is also a 10 minute walk from Solihull rail station where most local buses also call.

Prices from January 2018

ONE-HOUR BEGINNER LESSONS. The standard cost of a one hour lesson at Tudor Grange is £30 with a free bike provided.

ON-ROAD LESSONS. On-road lessons within the Solihull MBC boundary cost £30 for one hour. Outside Solihull they are £35 for one hour (subject to lesson availability in the chosen area)

TWO-HOUR LESSONS. The first hour is charged as above but the second hour is only £20. Part second hours are charged pro-rata eg. £10 for 30 minutes. For example a 90 minute lesson would cost £40. Two-hour lessons are not normally recommended for complete beginners and are more suitable for on-road lessons.

30 MINUTE LESSONS. These lessons cost £15 and are normally available only for younger trainees eg 6 and 7 year olds for which 1 hour may be too long.

SHARED LESSONS. For practical and safety reasons we do not share lessons and all teaching is one-to-one. However lessons may be shared by time at no extra cost and this is quite common when teaching siblings. Typical shared lessons are one-hour (eg. 30 minutes each) or 90 minutes (eg. 45 minutes each). A 90 minute lesson costs £40. The time split can be varied to reflect the ages and progress of the two trainees.

MINUMUM AGE Based on experience the minimum age is 6/7 (Year 2) because younger children don’t usually have the concentration to fully benefit from the lessons. However, if your child is a ‘young’ Year 2 you may find they learn to ride more quickly they have lessons towards the end of the school year as children develop quite quickly at that age.

Package SAVER If you pay in advance for four more lessons at the end of your first  lesson, your current lesson is FREE (i.e. you get 5 lessons for the price of 4).

Gift VOUCHERS. If you purchase a Two-Lesson Gift Voucher for someone else (available for £60), the user of the voucher is entitled to 10% off any further lessons. Please note this discount does not apply to parents or guardians who would normally pay for lessons for their own children.

The FREE use of a bike is available if you do not have a bike of your own.

BASIC BIKE MAINTENANCE LESSONS. A 90 minute session is available at your home, mainly aimed at new riders. It is suitable for people with basic bikes similar to the sort used in the training. It can cover wheels and tyres, brakes and gears depending on your requirements. This costs £50.


Payment is by cash or cheque payable at the time of the lesson. If you purchase lessons in advance there is no limit to the period during which the lessons must be taken.

Last updated January 2018.

Please contact us for more information or to book a lesson.




For more information about our cycle training, email purrfectpedalling@gmail.com

or call 07896 885726