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Whether you want to get fit, save some money or improve our environment, now is a great time to start cycling. Cycle training will give you the confidence to make more of your journeys by bike, whether for work or leisure.



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Cycling for fitness

Most people now recognise the need to take more exercise. Many people who want to improve their fitness head for the gym. Let's face it, in recent years it's become the fashionable thing to do! However, experience suggests that most people don't keep it up for very long. Exercise can easily become a chore, and chores that eat up significant amounts of time and money tend to be avoided once the novelty has worn off.

Cycling is widely recognised as being one of the best all-round exercises. If you can cycle an existing journey you will get fit as a normal part of your lifestyle. Many people could improve their fitness if they cycled for only the time spent driving to and from the gym!

Even if you decide to make special cycle trips to keep fit, you will find that exercise in the open air lifts the spirits, and the cooling effect of moving through the air makes the experience much more satisfying than being hot and sweaty on an exercise bike. Then there's the ever changing view and the real satisfaction of getting somewhere under you own power.

At Purrfect Pedalling we can help you start cycling confidently from your own doorstep and will even plan some suitable routes, either for everyday journeys or for specific "workouts". We may even show you the best way to cycle to the gym.....:-)

Please contact us for more information or to book a lesson.




For more information about our cycle training, email purrfectpedalling@gmail.com or call 07896 885726